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The Velvet Snatch

I'm a bald drag queen from the North East of England, I've been in a variety of competitions, shows, and collaborations. If you'd like to chat to me about collaborations or hiring me for performance, please contact me over one of my social media accounts!

The Velvet Snatch

Baron & Snatch's Dark Reads - LIVE!

8th December 2022
Poster for Dark Reads Live 2022

You didn't think you were getting through 2022 without a visit from Baron & Snatch did you? Well this time, you can come to us! Carrying on the ghoulish winter tradition of ghost stories before Christmas, myself and drag king extraordinaire Baron LaVey will be sitting down comfortably at Prohibition bar in Newcastle upon Tyne on Thursday December 8th to read you some spooky stories and crazy creepypastas. It will be a relaxed atmosphere, some sinister music, candlelight, and some tales between friends. If you'd like to come along then grab yourself a ticket from the event link below for free if times are hard or see if you can spare us a couple of coins and we'll see you on the 8th for Baron & Snatch's Dark Reads Live!

Bobby's World AIDS Day Fundraiser - for Blue Sky Trust

1st December 2022
Poster for Bobby's World AIDS Day Fundraiser 2022Poster for Bobby's World AIDS Day Fundraiser 2022

December 1st is World AIDS Day, where we remember those who have fallen to the AIDS virus and those that continue to live with it today. Drag Idol 2022 winner Bonnie Love has put together an INSANE lineup of kings and queens and singers to perform at this FREE fundraising event (including myself) where we will be doing our best to entertain and educate in exchange for donations to the Blue Sky Trust. So come down to Bobby's and help us make a difference.

Oh GURL! The LGBT+ Podcast

Velvet Snatch
Velvet Snatch
Art by Jacqueline Hyde

Join me as your sultry toned host on the GURL podcast along with Thotter Stu, Gymbunny Glenn, and myself The Velvet Snatch! We talk all forms of LGBT+ tea from Ru Paul's Drag Race, queer cinema and TV, as well as chatting to wonderful special guests. Haven't heard it yet? Listen to the latest episodes below!

Vamp As Tits 3 - The Reunion!

26th October 2022
Poster for Vamp As Tits 3 - The Reunion

What a hell of a journey that was! Vamp As Tits 3 was five weeks of drag insanity and it was a joy to be a finalist again for the second time running. Thank you to everyone that fell in love with Candy and came to support and laugh at the madness she brought to the competition. It's all over now though but we'll be back this Wednesday for "Vamp As Tits - The Reunion" where each of the performers get to entertain you once again at Bank Bar in Newcastle. What will Candy Snatch bring to the reunion? You'll have to come down and see!

RuPaul's Drag Race UK Viewing Party

13th October 2022
Poster for RPDR UK Viewing party at Blues & Bourbon

I'm honoured to be the special guest at this week's viewing party for RuPaul's Drag Race UK (Season 4) at the Blues & Bourbon in Newcastle with drag legend Travisty. Come along and watch this week's episode with us where we'll be discussing the show, playing games, doing some drag performances, and just having a great old time. Plus I can fill up on that hot apple moonshine they sell there! Starts at 7pm so come down and say hi!

Dragcastle - Castle Chaos

25th September 2022
Poster for Dragcastle Castle Chaos September 2022

I'm so excited to be joining the amazing Dragcastle as the special guest in their monthly Castle Chaos show this Sunday. If you haven't been to one of their shows before then expect craziness, fun, audience participation, and a lot of laughs. The show starts at 7pm so plenty of time to get home afterwards! To help people during the cost of living crisis, tickets are now pay what you feel, so if you'd like to grab a free ticket or two and then maybe tip something on the night then go ahead! See you there and let the chaos begin!

Vamp As Tits 3

Starts 14th September 2022
Poster for Vamp As Tits 3

One of the highlights of the Newcastle drag scene is returning (post pandemic) for its third gory year! Vamp As Tits - the seminal alternative drag competition - is coming back to The Bank Bar from Wednesday the 14th of September with the final sometime in October ready for Halloween. As ever it will be hosted by the legendary drag king Baron LaVey and Drag Idol All-Star Plastiq. After coming close second last year with my horror character Velcro Snatch I will be competing again as new blonde-bimbo character Candy Snatch. Wish me luck and come down and watch how we all get on!

The Bank Bar presents Sunday Night Live - Totally 90s!

28th August 2022
Poster for Sunday Night Live - Totally 90s

How exciting to be joining the ensemble cast for the long-awaited return of SNL (now at the Bank Bar at a sensible time!) for their event Totally 90s. Show starts at 10pm so get yourself down and enjoy the show!

East Durham Veterans Trust - Parachute Day 2022

27th August 2022
Poster for the Parachute Day event

What could be better than a day of family entertainment in support of East Durham Veterans? Well how about jumping out of a plane??? Parachute Day 2022 is upon us with the opportunity to raise money by doing the dive yourself or simply enjoying a host of local entertainment including live music and drag performances and introductions by myself and the chance to win some prizes in a fabulous raffle. Get yourself down to Shotton Airfield from 11am to get involved (I think you have to ask in advance if you want to do the skydiving though so get in touch with the trust if you fancy it!).

The Coven Cupboard - Self-Care Fair Hartlepool 2022

21st August 2022
Poster for the Hartlepool self-care fair

Looking for a way to energise your life and embrace your spiritual side? Come to the Coven Cupboard self-care fair at Bar 31, Hartlepool Marina on the 21st August 5pm to 9pm. Both myself and local queen and MX Drag finalist Celeste St Clair will be providing entertainment from 7pm including a raffle draw. Tickets are £5 and include a goody bag.

Canny Camp Presents "A Voyage Through Space"

18th of August 2022

Ready for something intergalactic and canny camp? Join drag queens TRAVISTY, MERCURY.CO.UK, LAILA SAGITTARIA, SATURN ADDICT, and myself as H.U.N the ship's computer as we take you through a space themed cabaret night in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne. Including live music from MXYM and DJ sets from Slick King it's sure to be an amazing night. Watch the trailer below:

Sketchy Beats Cafe - The Drag Show

9th April 2022
The Drag Show at Sketchy Beats Cafe in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, are you ready for something fabulous? Mutha Tucka and some of us from the Drag Show crew will be performing at the Sketchy Beats Cafe in Leith this Saturday the 9th of April. Seating is extremely limited so get in there quick by going to the Facebook event page below or contacting the venue themselves! It should be a fun night of drag and games!

SnatchTalk - Newcastle Drag Idol 2022

The Final

The competition is now officially over and our winner has been crowned, here's the Snatch Talk overview of the night with lots of interviews with past and present contestants!


The Newcastle Ravens Kangaroo Court!

It's the annual Newcastle Ravens Hadrian Cup on the 12th of March in Newcastle. Join me on the morning after as the judge in their kangaroo court where I'll be calling players out on their naughtiest antics over the course of the weekend!

SnatchTalk - Newcastle Drag Idol 2022

Giving you the highlights for the North East's iconic drag competition!

Want to follow Newcastle's famous drag competition that has spawned legends such as Choriza May and Gladys Duffy but can't be there on the night? Well fear not, I'm here to give you the highlights and speak to some of the contestants each week.

Drag Castle presents... A Cinderella Drag Show!

22nd December 2021
Drag Castle presents A Cinderella Drag Show

This is something you're not gonna want to miss. A pantomime the likes of which you've never seen at Prohibition Bar in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK! Watch as myself and the cast of Drag Castle tell the famous tale in our own unique way, I'll be playing the Fairy Snatchmother alongside a wonderful crew of drag kings and queens for a night of song, dance, acting, horse masks, and of course, Jeff Bezos. Tickets are available for both the in-person show in Newcastle, and also for an online stream of the performance on the night should you wish to stay in or witness the chaos from afar. I'm very excited about this show so grab your tickets and you shall go to the ball!

Jonny Lee's Cumbo Christmas Lounge 2021

19th December 2021
Jonny's Cumbo Christmas at The Cumberland Arms

The delightful Jonathan Lee is having a Christmas party, and you're all invited! A Variety Spectacular featuring the creme of talent available on the Sunday before Christmas, we will be raising funds for East End Women.

There'll be party games, dancing and a cheeky Pantomime Dromedary, and of course me! The event is running as 2 sessions; in the afternoon from 4pm till 7.30pm (children and families may attend this session; under 18s are free but must have a ticket to attend) and from 8pm to closing time (this session will not be appropriate for under 18s). Naturally I'm going to be performing a few numbers in the second half so come along after 7pm to see!

Baron & Snatch's Dark Reads 2021

Horror Story Time for Halloween

Get yourself in the mood for Halloween 2021 with our weeklong series of Dark Reads. Listen to the full playlist of videos below which will expand as the week goes on.

Baron & Snatch's Dark Reads Returns!

25th-31st October 2021
Baron & Snatch's Dark Reads 2021 - Horror Stories for Halloween

The gruesome twosome are returning again with another week full of spooky stories to get you in the mood for Halloween. Tune in on YouTube and our other socials every night from the 25th to the 31st to hear a short horror story narrated by either myself or drag king and cosplay sensation Baron LaVey.
Got any recommendations for what you want us to read?

GURL - Season 3!

The LGBT+ Podcast

We've been very lucky on the latest season of our podcast GURL, so far we've been able to chat to a multitude of guests including:

So if you haven't tuned in yet, listen to one of the episodes above and get in touch to tell me what you think and tell me who you'd like us to speak to next!

Hartlepool Waterfront Festival 2021

28th / 29th August 2021
Hartlepool Waterfront Festival 2021

Something very special for you, catch me performing my very own comical drag impersonation of the legend herself KATE BUSH as part of Hartlepool Waterfront Festival 2021. As one of my musical and childhood icons, it's been an honour to get to put together some irreverent drag homages to her. Catch me on the Campfire Stage at 6:45pm both Saturday and Sunday.
Tickets for the festival are pay what you decide so if you can make it through to Hartlepool I'd definitely recommend coming along and seeing some of the amazing performers they've got on.

At Home With Velvet (& Velcro)

Episode 9 - Television

Probably my favourite episode of the show so far, we look into the joy of television, meet a new member of the family, and even have time for a little sing-a-long!

Fairy Snatchmother

A Cinderella Drag Story

To celebrate the Easter weekend here's a performance video I put together for the Haus of Roach Christmas Cabaret show in December. Sadly Cinderella doesn't quite get to the ball when I'm the fairy godmother...

REALI-TEA The Reality Show Show

9th March Drag Cabaret
REALI-TEA - The Reality Show Show poster

At Home With Velvet (& Velcro) - YouTube Series

Velcro Snatch
Velcro Snatch
Art by Jacqueline Hyde

Have you watched my little show on YouTube yet? Life advice from moi with a little help from my ugly sister Velcro. All episodes are available to watch now. Please like and subscribe!

Baron & Snatch's Dark Reads

Horror Story Time for Halloween

How better to get in the mood for Halloween than with myself and the wonderfully sinister Baron LaVey reading you some gothic horror stories. Listen to the full playlist of videos below.